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J.Crew’s Ludlow Suit #travels

J.Crew proves that incongruent campaigns and timeless style are the perfect match for selling men’s suits

Recently, J.Crew has been KILLING it on social media, and their #LudlowTraveler Instagram featuring American film director and YouTube phenomena Casey Neistat is no exception.

Two weeks ago, J.Crew released snapshots depicting Casey Neistat  decked in a Ludlow travel suit while combatting the elements via Instagram tagged #LudlowTraveler. From snowboarding to surfing, Casey Neistat was shot just about anything, proving that it is possible to be stylish in any situation and that suits aren’t just for the office.

The Ludlow suit is a retro-yet modern, trendy at professional statement and what many would call a staple to the young male’s wardrobe.

“People say that if you’re a drug addict, you have a sixth sense about who would want to party with you—people who wear Ludlows maybe know who else would own a Ludlow. It’s become that kind of club.” -Mike Vilensky, Reporter for the Wall Street Journal 

This recent Instagram campaign is ideal for their target audience: young male professionals who are adventurous and curious. As much as they enjoy their “I work in Midtown” or “I summer in the Hamptons” bragging rights, they still have that inner schoolboy “let me jump on random things even dressed nicely” attitude. Despite this, many of these men are buying suits on their own for the first time in their lives. Ludlow suits give these guys the look and feel of a tailored, made-for-you suit without an expensive trip to the iconic, wood-walled and Tim Gunn-esq tailor.

Not to mention, the entire aesthetic of the campaign is very, very cool. Definition of bad ass if you ask me. The medium is immediate and relatable for the target audience, and the content has an incongruent factor, forcing the viewer to process the Casey’s outfit of choice in conjunction with the action being performed. Who wouldn’t want to own this look?





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