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Reasons to love J.Crew’s latest Instagram contest

How Instagrams of wearing, rolling and pairing their favorite denim gives J.Crew inside looks at their costumer’s behaviors

Within the past year, Instagram has taken the world by storm. Its visual stimulation paired with its aesthetically pleasing filters has made it the ideal medium for social posting for many today-especially fashion enthusiasts. People buy clothes for many reasons, but people who shop at specific labels and spend a considerable amount on their clothes shop for two main reasons: to look good and to feel good. Whether they are trotting the streets of New York or driving their kids to soccer practice, these people dress and act like the world is their runway and they want to make the best impression possible.

People who shop at J.Crew are no stranger to this sensation and that’s why this Instagram contest is right up their alley.

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The Instagram contest, #JCrewDenim, challenged J.Crew fans to photograph how they wear and where they wear their favorite J.Crew denim. A few of the entries shared on J.Crew’s official Instagram account depicted beach scenes, mountain views, bed snuggles, neon outfits and even jumping kids.

This was not only an easy contest for people to enter, but it also gave J.Crew a lot of insight on how their customers wear their J.Crew denim. From these Instagrams, they now know what types of tops and looks people try to go for with different pairs of jeans and what kinds of settings and occasions their jeans are being worn it. It gives a lot of other J.Crew fans ideas and it gives J.Crew itself ideas on how to market and make their jeans. From design to store windows, J.Crew now has a better idea of what their customer’s are looking for from their jeans.

Who better to seek information from than the customer themself?




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