Exploring Europe

That’s Amore: Venice

When my boyfriend and I decided to take a trip together, we had no idea where to go.  We both had different traveling interests- he, being snowboarding in the Alps or beaching in the Canary Islands, and me, bed and breakfasting in the south of France or on the coast of Spain. The more countries we researched, the more frustrated we were with possible weather, hotels, and price options. Finally, we came upon Venice- the infamous city of love and the sinking city- and our decision was made.

After hectic traveling revolving around touristy schedules of sight-seeing and picture-taking, I was beyond excited for a quiet weekend away.  Not only this, but we had just finished a week of presentations and papers, and this was the perfect way to celebrate.

Two weeks before our trip, the city was under four feet of water in some areas due to torrential rain. All I could imagine was walking to dinner in rain boots up to my waist, and holding all of my luggage above my head. And of course Mike was excited- he thought this was another opportunity for him to take out his Euro swim suit. Fortunate for us, the majority of the city was cleared before our arrival (sorry baby).

Side note: Kayne West took Kim Kardashian on a Italian getaway in Italy for her birthday a month previous to our trip. They went to Florence and Rome, and did the last romantic night in Venice, including a gondola ride and a rose in St. Mark’s square- Mike, did you copy him??

We probably should have researched commuting in Venice, because looking back, we made some pretty rookie mistakes in the beginning. After taking an hour bus from Treviso into Venice (thank you, Ryan Air, for being extremely uncomfortable, unpredictable, and for always dropping us off in the middle of no where), we reached the city. It was pouring. We had an address and directions to the hotel, but no way of knowing where we were. Huddled under one umbrella together, we ran to the nearest water taxi- which just so happened to be the town car of water taxis- and climbed in with no thought of how expensive it was. The second we walked onto the boat, we realized what we had done. The undercarriage was wooden with leather seats, and the windows gave a spectacular view of the canal. But at least we were out of the rain.

We reached our hotel within minutes. This was definitely incomparable to any of the hostels, hangover hospitals, or any other living situation we had endured the entirety of our European travels. It did not take much to make us happy- a queen bed, our own room with heat, a television, free internet, a bathtub, our own bathroom, free breakfast. It could not be more perfect.

The first day, we took in the city in small bits.  We had a late lunch and split a bottle of wine, and later that night, we enjoyed an authentic Italian meal- gnocchi, once again.

The biggest bridge in Venice on the Grand Canal

The biggest bridge in Venice on the Grand Canal

The following day was our only full day in the city, and it was one of my top favorite days in Europe.  We woke up late to a free breakfast, and then spent the entire afternoon wandering Venice.  We in and out of shops and bakeries, walked up and down small streets, and gazed at the dozens of canals that weaved in and out of the streets.

Mike surprised me with a wonderful gondola tour. We journeyed in and out of residential areas of Venice on a romantic gondola ride. I felt like a princess in the big black gondola with gold seats.

After our ride, we wandered to St. Mark’s Square, the most famous square in Venice.  Mike of course bought seeds to give to the pigeons, a tradition in the square and which many directors use in films set in Italy. I turned around for five seconds, and he reappeared with a red rose.

St. Mark's Square

St. Mark’s Square

This weekend in comparison to others in Europe was slow and relaxed, but I could not have asked for better company or a better boyfriend.


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