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Behind the Scenes of my Interview with Project Runway’s Johnny Lavoy

There are few times when I seriously freak out about an outfit. Sure, I have the occasional “I have nothing to wear (while staring at a closet full of clothes), what am I going to do?!?!” moments before going out on the weekends, but for most major events I plan ahead. Way ahead.

In grade school, I had first day of school outfits picked out weeks in advance. For college orientation, months in advance. I have outfits prepared for interviews for any season just so I have them when the time comes. I buy my Christmas church dress months in advance every year.

But, this situation required a perfect outfit: my interview with Project Runway’s head hair stylist, Johnny Lavoy. I wanted to look trendy, edgy, and fashion-forward while looking professional. Work dresses I had been wearing to my internship would not do. Since I booked the interview only a few days in advance, I barely had enough time to go shopping and buy something new, so I stared at my closet for at least two hours before I finally picked the winning look.

Decked in two-tone black skinny jeans, Steve Madden leopard pumps with a wide heel, a white v-neck tee, and a ballerina bun on my head, I made my way to Starbucks in West Hartford one Friday afternoon, a week before I left for Spain.

And there he was, sitting sipping on a chai tea latte, playing on his Ipad that was protected by a Louis Vuitton case. He was wearing brown flip flops, cargo shorts, and a v-neck. I immediately felt slightly more comfortable.

The next two hours are a blur. I started off with my list of questions, and questions became stories, and my notes became 10 pages long. I was star struck by his Lady Gaga anecdotes and his recent fashion collaborations for a line that launched early this year.

This was my first professional, big interview, and it could not have gone better.

To read more about Johnny Lavoy, read my article Catching up with Johnny Lavoy on Hartford Magazine’s website.

A piece from Johnny Lavoy’s portfolio. Lavoy has worked with many celebrities including Lady Gaga and Demi Lovato, is a Loreal spokesperson, and is currently the head hair stylist on Project Runway.


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