Embracing Journaling

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I am one of those people that others believe would journal. I say this because up until I turned 16 I received at least 5o journals, notebooks, and pens for every holiday. And it was not just my family- my friends, boyfriends, and parent’s colleagues were all on the same page.

I can’t say that they were completely off with these gifts. In middle school I did attended a writing camp one summer, I sporadically wrote stories on my mom’s old typewriter, and at one point in elementary school I kept a diary. It was light blue with a plush cover and a gold locket. Sounds like a legitimate record keeper right?

I assume I stopped writing in it because my life became less interesting. The daily woes of a nine year old’s crushes, sibling fights, and spats with friends seemed less than noteworthy. Maybe the process of finding the time to write and writing each entry itself became tedious and mundane.

Either way, the journaling identity stuck with me up until high school. Writing had always been a staple in my life one way or another, but I was determined to set myself on a different path for college. After trying out math majors and pre-med possibilities, I declared a marketing major.

Despite my best efforts to set myself in a different direction, I came full circle this summer. I took on my first marketing and sales internship at a magazine close to home, and of course I wrote three articles, two of which were about fashion.

From this, I learned a couple of things. First, I will never, ever be without paper from all of the journals I have collected throughout the years. More importantly, as cliche as it is, everything happens for a reason. I steered every possible direction away from writing yet that is exactly what I did this past summer. And I loved it.

So, here is another worthy stab at journal writing. Friends, family, ex-boyfriends- you were on the right track after all.

This is where my two favorite worlds will intertwine, fashion and writing. They will frequently overlap, but that’s okay with me. No more steering down different paths.


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